Vocab - Paragraf Bahasa Inggris untuk latihan

Vocab :
Chapter 1 :

In Paris, have to Festival of Fools, and Parains Celebrated. Eager to get good seats for the play to be performed there at noon. Farful, that the officials soon began arriving, and an usher in the gallery announced each one by name. Student  a knoked a hole in a small. There were angry student a knocked a hole in a small. There were angry faces , silly faces, animal faces, grotesque faces. He had shown in the window was actually his natural face. The newly crowned pope of Fools was then seated on a litter. His face was now beaming with joy.

Chapter 2 :

Pierre disappointed over his failed play when did leave the hall. Yhe glow of the Festival’s bonfires lit up the darkening sky. But, when he reached the square and saw the crowd around the fire, his disappointment. When it was over, the crowd cheered as the breathless girl. The girl turned, her tambourine and asked the time of the day. Every one, Turned to see who had spoken. The gypsy girl gave the man a nasty look. He pointed to an old, gray-haired woman clutching at the bars. At the center of the procession was the litter carrying the hunchback. Now, the candles on the liter reveald his church. The crowd shrieked in terror as Quasimodo, but instead off attackhing him. Finally, Dom Claude shock quasmodo’s shoulder and motioned for him. A hunchback, a gypsy girl andan arched.

Chapter 3 :

When Pierre saw The gypsy girl leave the squre. He saw he struggling with two men. He was followed by his accomplice, the archdeacon claude Frollo, and Djali, the goat. The girl looked upat the wetmud brought Pierre back to his senses. When this crowd reached the squre, cruthes were thrown away and me walked, bandages were removed from eyes that now ooked around. Pierre felt himself being dragged towards a large barrel near the fire. The king signalted to his men, who then brought out a portable gallows with a figture. The crowd applauded and gathered around the gallows, and laughing to proceed. The jug broke in to four pieces, so, accordin to gypsy law.

Chapter 4 :

Pierre was so convinded the Esmeralda loved on him. When he saw the gypsy girl smile and put away her dagger, he went on. Pierre blushed knowing that he hdn’t been able to do that very thing for her earlier that evening. Pierre reched out to touch it, but Esmeralda stepped back. The young poet was peased that he could show off sme of his knowledge.

Chapter 5 :
Outside the cathedral of notredame was a shelf where orphaned or unwanted children were left to be adopt or rased through the public charity. Just ten, priest wh had been listening to the conversation pushed his way through the crowd. The crowd watched in bewilderment until one woman. Finally, broke the silence. Quasimodo’s gratitude made him a devoted servant , actually aslave to the priest. The, sound of the bels broke that boy’s eardrums and became deaf. He jumped and climbed from the bottom. When the archadeacon signaled that it was time for the bells to be rung. As the bell gained speed, is great peals caused the whole tower to treble. It seemed that the bell and the bell ringer. Existed only in the strangest nightmare.

Chapter 6 :

The moring after the festival, Quasimodo was brought into the courtroom and thrown into a cart fo the ride to the place de Greve. Quasimodo was dragged out of  the courtroom. Where he was shoved to his knees on a large wooden wheel, hi hands still tied behind his back. He put a large hourglass down on the plat form. But, not a sound came from his lips. Whwn the sand in the hourglass and all flowed down torturer stopped his horrible lashes. Although, the hunchback was thef to the crowd’s insults and curses, he recognized and the pitifull creature’s gratitude touched even the hardes heart in the crowd. When, Quasimodo’s turning on the wheel was over and he was set free, the crouwd lost interest in him and left the palace the Greve.

Chapter 7 :

Several weeks later, on a beautiful March morning. He much preeferd spending this time drinking in the tavern and enjoying him self with the women he met there. Asmeralda, stopped dancing and walked to ward the mansions. A flash of anger crossed Esmeralda’s face, but she was more interest ted in in the happiness, she was feeling as she stred at the phoebus. Meanwhile, was opening a small cloth. The goat then used its hoff to arrange certain letters. Phoebus want to catch her. The vain men was delighted that the girl as so, interested in him that girl. The archdecod who had been looking down at the Asmeralda from the cathedral tower. Pierre’s concentration his head in embarreasment. Then fearing that his nevourness and red face would give him away.

Chapter 8 :

Awhile later, after Esmeralda and Pierre had finished perfoming in the crowd had scattered. Phoebus waved his sword in farewell to hesaide. But, phoebus was a brove souldier and want he noticed he was being followed. When they reached. The last house, poebus pounded on a low door. There was a salfe words of love phoebus had spoken many times to many woman. And they kiss. As Esmeralda’s opened her eyes, she froze in terror. He let out a terrible scream to the slumped to the flour. Two of the soldiers were kneeling of the blody body of phoebus de chatepers.

Chapter 9 :

Every one, Esmeralda and Djali had been missing for over a month. After finshing his act outside the palace of justice. And old a women, About renting a room to an officer for a meeting with a gypsy girl. Gaps were heard among the spectators, but the women didn’t stopped. He panicked even more when a court official plucked up Esmeralda’s tambourne. Esmeralda was dragged out of the courtroom and taken down in to a cold drak dungeon. When, a guard pushes her in to a chair and tied. Although, The guard thightened the screw that pressed the two halves of the iron. Esmeralda iron. Esmeralda lay on a small pile of the straw, she didn’t know became night. He was merely playing with your heart as he did with every women.

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